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Map Events is a feature in Flood Escape 2 that has been added on June 23, 2021. Map Events occur in every 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Once a map event occurs, a random event will be chosen which can affect a map's gameplay either making it more challenging or can gift rewards if a certain task is done.

Map Events

As of now, there's only 3 map events:

  • Rescue Missions
  • All buttons are group buttons
  • Lost Pages

Rescue Missions

Main article: Rescue Missions.

Rescue Missions is the 1st map event added to the game. During a rescue mission, a stranded escapee will be located somewhere in the map. If the player decides to rescue the escapee, they must come in contact with the NPC. After that, the escapee will mimic the players movements and will follow them. If the escapee is brought to the exit, the game rewards the player with gems (1 for Easy - Hard and 2 for Insane - Crazy).

Group Buttons Event

Main article: Group Buttons Event.

The Group Buttons event is the 2nd possible map event. When this is the current map event, all buttons in the map will be group buttons. Because of this, a few players will be required to fully press a button. During the event, player who have helped in pressing the buttons will be awarded with extra XP as pressing a group will give 20 XP.

Note that this Map Event doesn't happen in Crazy Maps and Chaos Servers, since every button is already a group button.

Lost Pages Event

Main article: Lost Pages.

The Lost Pages event is the 3rd possible map event. When this is the current event, a Lost Page will be located somewhere around the map. Because of this, a few players may go to random places to find the Lost Page, During this event, anyone who collects the Lost Page will be rewarded with 50 XP.

Note that the Lost Page Event doesn't occur in any Insane or Crazy Maps, except in Fallen.


  • According to the Crazyblox Games Blog post, there are future plans to add a choice for map events.
  • The Lost Page Map Event is currently the only Map Event that can earn the player a badge.
  • The Rescue Mission Map Event is currently the only map event in the game that is available in all gamemodes and difficulties.
  • Before December 9, 2021, the Group Buttons event used to occur in Crazy Maps.

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