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Map Making Kit is a Normal map by Crazyblox, and is the default map in the FE2CM Map Loader. It Has 2 Standard Buttons, and 1 Group Button. The kit can be found here.

This map is made to show the detail of the behaviors, functions, and scripts behind making a map.

In the kit, there are:


All of these objects (included in the map kit) must exist in your map model as a direct child (not in another model in the map model), otherwise your map will be untestable.

  • EventScript (script)
  • Spawn (part)
  • ExitBlock (part)
  • ExitRegion (part)
  • Settings (Folder) and every value inside it.

Geometry and Interactives folders simply serve for organization and all objects in them aren't required to be in their folders.


Base Settings
There are 7 adjustable settings: Lighting, BGM, Creator, Difficulty, MapImage, MapName, and MaxTime.

  • BGM is what music will be playing in your map. (Requires audio ID).
  • Creator is your username to let other players know who made the map.
  • Difficulty indicates how hard the map is. (1 = Easy, 2 = Normal, 3 = Hard, 4 = Insane, 5 = Crazy, 6 = Crazy+).
  • MapImage is the image that will be seen in the Lobby. (Requires Decal ID [Optional]).
  • MapName is the name of the map.
  • MaxTime allows you to change the maps timer from 10 seconds all the way to 180 seconds (3 minutes).
  • Testing allows you to add players to test your map.

Lighting Settings
Lighting is a settings add-in that effects the FogStart, FogEnd, Ambient, OutdoorAmbient, FogColor, ExposureCompensation, Brightness, and TimeOfDay. You can also change the Skybox by adding a Sky object named Skybox, and you can add certain types of effects by making a folder and adding the effects, some effects are sunrays, Fallen's greyscale, bloom, depth of field and blur.

Rescue Settings
Everything in the Rescue folder influences the rescue Escapee.

  • RescueName determines the name of the rescue Escapee.
  • The Costmetics folder determines the appearance of the Escapee. Objects such as BodyColors, Shirt, Pants, Accessory, and CharacterMesh can be added into the folder to change the appearance of the Escapee. If the folder is empty, the Escapee will be one of the 7 random precet appearances.

Map Elements

Spawn is where all the players start in a map. It can be modified but it must stay at the same size. If you add 30 studs or more above the Spawn and included in an Intro model, the map will have an elevator animation when starting the map.

Buttons are items, when pressed, can affect other items. Items can be affected based on the tags it has. For example, if a tag named _Fade3 is inside an item, that item will disappear when button 3 is pressed. There are also other tags as well.

Disappear(_Fade#{button number}, ObjectValue)
Fall(_Fall#, ObjectValue)
Appear(_Appear#, ObjectValue).
Delay(_Delay, NumberValue, put inside other tags)
Sound(_Sound#, Sound)

The _Water part is the Liquid of the map. Liquid can be controlled by EventScript. To add more liquid to you map, name the part '_Water#', with # being any number for distinction.

Liquid has 3 states, Water, Acid, and Lava.

  • Water slowly decreases a players air.
  • Acid decreases a players air, but faster.
  • Lava instantaneously drown a player when their head touches the liquid.

Air Bubble
The AirTank model represents an Air Bubble, which will increase the player's Air by 300. Editing anything inside the AirTank model will break its functionality, but multiple AirTank models can exist in the map.

ExitRegion & ExitBlock
The ExitRegion and ExitBlock are the End Points of a map. ExitRegion is the zone players need to enter to be considered as survived. ExitBlock becomes collidable to players who survived to map.

Wall Jump
Parts can be used for Wall Jumping if the ObjectValue _Wall exists in the part. The beams existing in the pre-existing wall jump in the kit are recommended to represent wall jumping sections.

Rescue Spawns
If a Rescue Mission is initiated, Rescue escapees will spawn on the _Rescue part. The _Rescue part can not be resized, and if multiple _Rescue parts exist in the map, the game will randomly choose one of the spawns each time a Rescue Mission is initiated in the map.

Slide Beam
The SlideBeam only exists to visually direct players to slide under it. They are not required but is recommended to use. The SlideBeam in the map kit is 2 studs above the ground and has a beam visual to represent a sliding area.

Ziplines are represented with the _Rope model, with Point1, Point2, Point3, and Point4 as the child parts. The Zipline in the map kit is generated using the Cubic Bézier curve, with Point1 being the start of the zipline, Point4 being the end point, and Point2 & Point3 being the intermediate points that curve the rope. These Point parts must remain static otherwise their functionality will break.

If there are two or more models in the _Variants model, only one will load at random each time the map has been loaded. This can be utilized to add randomized paths and/or visuals each time the map has been played.


The EventScript is the script inside a Flood Escape 2 map that manipulates the water. This was disabled on October 15 as EventString replaced EventScript due to Anti Exploit update.

On July 15, 2019, EventScript came back to FE2 Map Test along with LocalEventScript.

The script that manipulates the camera. Such as shaking effect, 2D effect, light changer etc. The script is Parenting on the Client (Player), meaning that they can be disabled if the Client activating Low Detail Option. However, shaking on Dark Sci-Facility still occur, even with Low Detail enabled.


EventString was deprecated on July 15, 2019.

EventString is the same thing as EventScript, except EventString blocks specific phases and is more secure. It replaced EventScript on October 15, 2018 and was retired on July 15, 2019 in favor of EventScript.

You cannot use these phases in EventString:

serverscriptservice, serverstorage, players, lighting, replicatedfirst, replicatedstorage, startergui, starterpack, starterplayer, soundservice, :clone(, =", =, name, string, value [1]

On July 12, more forbidden phases were added, including:

workspace, .., =', require, parent=, :destroy(, text., :byte, :find, :format, :gmatch, :gsub, :len, :lower, :match, :rep, :reverse, :sub, :upper, :fire(removed later), :invoke, :loadasset, tool, \


These are the instructions to making a Flood Escape 2 map.

  1. Grab out the Spawn, Buttons, ExitRegion and ExitBlock, Water, Slide Beam, Zipline, Variants and Air Bubble (if you gonna use some of the slide, zipline, variables, and air bubble).
  2. Change the settings to define the lighting and map details. (2 and 3 can be in any order, it doesn't matter which order you do it.)
  3. Build the map, (Solo or with Team Create) and make sure the Green Button is set as the first button. (or blue if its a group button)
  4. When you're finished, publish your map and copy your map's ID, then whitelist it here. After that, wait until your map gets whitelisted. Once the whitelisting queue is cleared, you can go to FE2 Community Maps, put in your map's ID, and load the map! If your map doesn't have a Spawn, ExitRegion, ExitBlock, EventScript, or Settings, a message will say "Map Failed To Set Up Properly: Couldn't find N/A".
  5. Play! See what you can improve with your map and also get friends to try it!


  • The Map Making Kit has been updated to include new mechanics added to FE2. The Wall Jump was added shortly after the release of Dark Sci-Facility, and the two new mechanics introduced in the Agility Update were added in the kit on March 25, 2021, along with the Rescue Missions.
  • This map is sort of a meme for some people for being the hardest map ever (obviously a joke).

Video Tutorial and OST


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