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Maps are the areas players are in during the game and are one of the most central features of Flood Escape 2. Every map is unique in layout and each provide a space to get to, buttons to press, and platforms to jump or move on. Players must press buttons and successfully escape to the safe zone while also avoid drowning in the rising flood to earn experience and currency.

Maps are sorted into six different difficulties which are Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane, Crazy and Crazy+ (FE2CM only). Harder maps are more difficult to survive, but reward more experience. The difficulty of the map is determined by the server's Intensity which goes up or down depending on how many players survived.

List of Maps

As of January 8th, 2022, there are 38 maps in Flood Escape 2. Eerie Peaks, Polar Industry and Northern Workshop are seasonal maps that only appear during their respective seasons, raising the map count to 41.


  • The Crazy difficulty never existed when the game was first released, as it was introduced at FE2 Community Maps exclusively on early 2019, and was finally introduced to the main game along with the addition of Blue Moon.
    • The Crazy+ difficulty also didn't exist when the game was first released however unlike the Crazy difficulty, this is exclusive to FE2CM and will not be added to the main game.
  • If Eerie Peaks, Polar Industry, Northern Workshop and Autumn Hideaway were permanent maps, the map count would be up to 42. The latter is unlikely to be re-added, but Polar Industry and Northern Workshop are playable in FE2 Community Maps and in the main game during the Christmas Season while Eerie Peaks is playable in the main game during the Halloween season.
    • The reason as to why these 4 maps are temporary is due to the first 3 being seasonal maps and the latter being tied to a serious event involving the map creator.
  • On Mid November of 2020, Crazyblox added the first 2 official maps to the game since July 2019. Marred Dreams and Fallen.
  • The first maps added to FE2 for each difficulty were Lost Woods, Infiltration, Lava Tower, and Abandoned Facility.
    • These 4 are also the first maps added to FE2.
  • Fallen used to be an Hard Map but got buffed on April 1st, 2022.
  • Sky Sanctuary and Fallen are the only maps to take place in the sky.
  • Eerie Peaks and Autumn Hideaway are the only maps that are unplayable in Community Maps despite, only Crazyblox and Testers can play Eerie Peaks, while Autumn Hideaway is discontinued.

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