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Memory Lane is a Crazy+ Map created by MatisFondue and Borkingforlife. It has 6 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test.

This map was originally made by MatisFondue (and was a Dark Sci Buff), but Borkingforlife helped revamping this with a more creative and fun gameplay.


Memory Lane is similar to other maps that constantly change the themes of the map.

There are 8 Rooms in total on this map, when the rooms change, there is a portal to indicate the change.

It's most recent update, Memory Lane V3 changed multiple aspects of the gameplay as well as removing all the scripts on the map due to scripts breaking when the script setting was disabled in the server. Most noticeable gameplay changes are; the first wall jump at the third room, lighting changes, 2 reworked rooms and more detail to the map.


  • This was the second ever map made by MatisFondue.
  • The winning smile on the Thumbnail is a direct reference to the old version of the map. (V1)
  • Before the revamp, there wasn't any wedges on the map.
  • This map was broken due to an unknown reason, however, this was luckily fixed.
  • Borkingforlife contributed to the map for the release of the first revamp (V2)
  • There was a bug on the map that does not make the lava on the last room rise, this is currently also fixed.
  • This map got a little update adding more details to it from Not_Venom1's request.
    • This version being V2.5.
  • This map has a Blog Post since of V3's Release.

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