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Mineshaft Madness is a Test Map made by Occida. It has 10 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Community Maps.


Most parts of the map are constructed with stone platforms, woods, and crystals. Occasionally there will be barrels and planks. The map takes place in an abandoned mineshaft.


  • This is the second community map made by Occida.
  • There is a secret piece of text under the first button. It says that "Hello to KittyKatPurfect".
  • There is another secret piece of text over the entrance to the room with the final buttons that says "Greetz to knifeman20".
  • Mineshaft Madness uses the free model, "Barrels".
  • The hidden exit is practically impossible. If you look up, you can see a crack in the floor. If you swim up, you can go all the way up, until the substance is acid. Lava from the other room will kill you.
  • There is a really hard shortcut at around the 2nd room. You will have to jump on some crystals which is really difficult due to the shape of them and how far the jumps are.
  • This map shares the most Buttons with Gloomy Manor and Fallen.
  • This map is one of the easier insane maps

Walkthrough and OST


Mineshaft Madness Flood Escape 2 Insane Solo Testing Map


Crash Bandicoot The Wrath of Cortex - Music (Force of Nature Level 30)

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