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Mysterium is a Normal Map created by ElectroBlast199. It has 8 standard Buttons and 1 Group Button. It is currently playable in Flood Escape 2.


Mysterium is located in a long mineshaft, that largely comprises metal parts, hard jumps, boxes, some mining equipment and a purple fog that give it its mysterious look, hence its name "Mysterium". The map is sometimes cramped in some rooms and there are lots of thin jumps which can be a problem for some players. Third person view can hard to work with, which can cause some mistakes for some players. When this was added into the game, Crazyblox added a purple tint to things to make it more mysterious.


  • Mysterium means "mystery" in Swedish.
    • Because of this, Mysterium is the only map in the game where the name is not in English.
  • Some people play this map in First Person to make it easier for the playing experience.
  • This map used to be known as Enigmatic Mines, which is an earlier version of the map.
    • This also makes Mysterium the first map that had a different name prior to its addition to the main game. The 2nd being Fall Equinox.
  • Mysterium has nine buttons, making this map the map with the second most buttons with Beneath the Ruins and Blue Moon, only one button below Gloomy Manor which has 10.
  • You can use a shortcut to reach the 7th button. First, go to the land across the spawn then wait until the water rises and you can boost yourself to the button. In a recent patch, Crazyblox made the shortcut harder to do. You can still reach the button if you jump at the right moment.
  • There's an invisible wall in the hallway in front of the 4th button's room
  • You can use the 7th button frame to jump onto another area.
  • No Buttons Challenge (NBC) is possible in this map. This includes glitching and finding shortcuts.
  • This was a replacement map for Forgotten Tombs after the Labyrinth Event ended. Regardless of this, Forgotten Tombs was re-added later that year.
  • This map can be played in the modern era of FE2 Community Maps but is under the name "Shadowy Mines".
  • Before this map came out, Crazyblox posted 2 tweets[1][2], each containing a picture of the new map name, and a view of it being played ingame.
  • This is the first official map made by ElectroBlast199. The second being Forsaken Era
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located on a lower ledge near the fifth and seventh buttons.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found below the 7th button. You can either swim all the way to the page when the round starts or swim down the acid when pressing the 7th button.

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