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No Light/Dark Science is a discontinued Crazy Map made by Crazyblox, which is supposed to be a sequel to Dark Sci-Facility. It was confirmed in the Discord Q&A that this map will not come out anytime soon, but possibly in the future.


  • No Light has another name, which is Dark Science.
  • No Light's teaser video was posted on YouTube, then was later unlisted. However you can find the video right here.
  • Enszo made a fanmade version of No Light, called UnderSci.
  • Cam0Dev and scapanila also created a fan-made version of this map of what would have possibly been a finished No Light.
  • According to Crazyblox in a recent Discord Q&A[1], the reason he stopped working on No Light was because he got stuck on making the map which would become a position of anxiety. He said that he would like to bring the map out on the future but "the stars are not aligned for that".
  • Sometime in 2019, 3 videos[2][3][4] and 10 pictures[5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13][14] have been posted on Discord. These pictures are most likely parts of the map.
      • If you look closely on the 1st room's picture or in this video of No Light, you can see a small picture of Familiar Ruins. The reason as to why there's a picture of Familiar Ruins is unknown however it might show a connection between the 2 maps.
  • This is the only map by Crazyblox to actually use the Secret Area texture for an official map.
  • It is thought that some videos by Crazyblox having a similar theme to this map (The video on his twitter showcasing the Skydiving mechanic, the image used for this page, No Light Teaser) are all connected. This is shown through with the NoLight map by the hammEr Development team releasing it last year.
    • This includes a video on his twitter showcasing the skydiving ability, which can be found here, and the image used for this page along the No Light Teaser Video.



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