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Portals is a Crazy map created by The Thai Developers (Purple_Guy121, KukkaiTH2, Ohmzatalibun, noomlek, and HexagonP). It has 12 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test.


Portals, unlike many maps, has a lot of different styles and maps. The first part, made by all of the creators, is made to resemble Core. It has a long corridor and spinning cylinders around the room. The second part, made by Ohmzatalibun, is mainly rust and acid. It has obstacles like groups of pipes and trusses.

The third part, made by HexagonP, has a black and green color scheme with many pulsing(dancing) bricks. The fourth part, made by Noomlek, is a dark cave with many hard to platform parts. There is a button in this room that will sometimes kick you. The lava that is a threat here is ghosts, like Graveyard Cliffside.

The fifth part, which resembles The End/Hidden base, is made by KukkaiTH2. It has a mainly grey and orange color scheme with many difficult jumps. The last part, made by Purple_Guy121, Ohmzatalibun, and KukkaiTH2, is what seems like a headquarter of sorts with a gallery of pictures. In the end, there is a small crimson and yellow hole with 2 buttons that open the end.


  • Portals was originally made by The Little Creators. (It got cancelled because of Rapid_Richard.)
  • This has one of the widest range of creators, with many collaborating on the one map.
  • The hardest part that makes the map difficult is the Kukkai section.
  • The portals in the map are very unique, and the map will probably never get in the game because of them.
  • Every section has a triangle hidden in them.
  • This is one of most Crazy maps that changed the difficulty from Insane after Crazy difficulty release.

Walkthrough & OST


Danimal Cannon & Zef - Chronos


FE2 Map Test - Portals

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