Pro Lock is a feature that ensures that the difficulty of the next few maps will always be Insane or Crazy difficulty. You can purchase a Pro Lock with 10 Gems or 200 Coins. When you purchase a Pro Lock, a server-wide message will appear: "{User} has enabled PRO LOCK!".

Pro Lock option in the regular lobby, located left of the lift with some quick currency purchase options.


Pro Lock option in the Shop, located at the bottom right of the Store UI.

Each Pro Lock consists of 3 locks. At the end of a round and depending on how many people entered and survived, if the difficulty of the next map is below Insane, a lock is consumed, the next difficulty is forced to Insane, and the 'Next Map Message' will instead say "Difficulty is locked to Insane." When all locks are consumed, a ping is heard and a server-wide message will appear: "Pro Lock has expired!". Depending on server performance, there can be more than 3 Insane or Crazy maps.


The Pro lock button is a purple square with cut edges and a lock on it, which shows "Pro Lock", and a gem or coin labeled with a 10 or 200 respectively, showing that you have to spend 10 gems or 200 coins. This button can be found to the left of the Lift right below where gems can be purchased. It can also be found in the Store tab as a button, and upon clicking it the next three maps will be locked to Insane or Crazy.


  • The Pro Lock replaced Insane Lock on 7/16/19 with the release of Crazy Difficulty.
    • Pro Lock is similar to Insane Lock, but Pro Lock includes Insane and Crazy difficulty, only consumes a lock when the difficulty drops below Insane, and notifies the server if the Pro Lock has expired.
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