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The Rainbow Sword is a tank that can be purchased from the Store for 3,000 Gems.


The Rainbow Sword is similar to the other Sword tanks in the store. This tank however, is one of the more unique of the bunch as the blade is a rainbow gradient and the hilt is white. The sword itself emits particles of varying colors and also illuminates a small area around the player with a white light.


  • This tank was added into the game on 6/21/2019.
  • The texture was provided by y3th.[1]
  • At 3,000 Gems, this along with the Galaxy Sword and the Gem Aura are the second most expensive gem items in the game.
    • For this reason, this is one of many items that aren’t frequently seen by players as not many players can afford this tank.
  • The white light that emits from the sword can actually be useful in dimly lit maps such as Poisonous Chasm.


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