rareheaddress is an esteemed Flood Escape 2 player, as well as being the maker of many current Maps.

Lost Desert

Lost Desert takes place in a desert as is suggested by its name, it is filled with cacti, pillars and lots of sand. It comprises many hard jumps, which isn't made easier with all the sand blowing your face. There are lots of wooden boards, that lead off of the main path to get buttons, because of the thin stone rod jumps that appear, most players do not survive.

Gloomy Manor

Gloomy Manor takes place in the front of, inside, and in the back of a manor, as it's name suggests. The model work and coloration are very intricate, and the purples along with the dark lighting make the map seem gloomy.

Snowy Peaks

The theme is winter-like design, which is only seen in this map. It surrounds by a huge ledges of rocks to prevent the players to go out of the map. As like Sky Sanctuary, the obstacles are like tall rocks to be encountered, and doors similar to the map to be opened.

Decrepit Seas

Decrepit Seas is a map that, as its name suggests, takes place under or at the sea. There are two large rooms with many buttons in each. There are lots of sea plants sticking out, and many anchors and other under-the-sea looking models. There are also many rusted ladders, boxes, and things. The ground players walk on appears sandy.

Sky Sanctuary

All parts of the maps are floating with Acid underneath. All of the land areas of the map are rocks with grass supporting it, similar to the legacy design.

Wild Savannah

Wild Savannah is, as Crazyblox described it, a long and hard map. It is very difficult to get past the first few jumps, and most players die there. Of those who make it past the first few jumps, they could die in acid trying to get the next buttons. They could also die in the final room, a hollow mountain with Lava at the bottom.

Omitted Temple

The doors are made of Slate Material, and the rooms are filled with grass and dirt. You will find a treasure at the end of this map. The rooms are well made, and are harsh challenges to those who don't know how to play very well.

Grumble Volcano

Grumble Volcano is a great detailed map with extremely fast lava and hard jumps.Grumble Volcano was the first map to have roof lava and before its deletion. rareheaddress put a your mom joke at the end of the map.

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