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Rebirth is an option added in the '2018 April Update' that allows players to reset their levels back to 1 in order to get more Gems. This option was long-awaited by the community. The maximum rebirths a player can have is 15.


When a player reaches the maximum XP at level 100, they'll be given an option to rebirth when they are in the Lobby. Pressing the "Rebirth" button on the hotbar opens a prompt confirming if they want to rebirth, and if they accept, they are given a level up bonus (5 gems), their level reset to 1, and their rebirth count incremented, but as a consequence, multipliying the required XP to level up by an additive 10%, up to +150% at Rebirth 15.

The amount of rebirths a player has is displayed at the right of their level box on their overhead, which appears when the player survives or is in the Lobby. From gaining 5 gems for each new level, you can get an overall of 7,995 Gems by reaching the highest level a player can achieve. (Rebirth 15, Level 100). There are also Badges that are awarded upon first rebirth and every 5 subsequent rebirths.


  • Formerly, you couldn't Rebirth in Pro Servers when access was locked behind level 30+. A new eligibility access was implemented on December 17, 2020 that allows rebirthing.
  • When the Rebirth feature was first introduced, the rebirth cap was at 10. This was changed to 15 on June 23, 2021.
    • The June 23 update also introduced badges for people who have reached Rebirths 1, 5, 10 and 15. On the icons of the said badges, the background is Magmatic Mines' thumbnail but is monochromatic and blurred.
    • Then on April 1 2022, rebirth players would now have access to pro servers without being Level 30+.


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