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Red Ensemble is a community Crazy map created by ProxyCyanide. It has 11 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test.


This map was inspired by the Soviet Union (1922-1991) and completed within a few days, the design is also based on the Soviet Union, and at the start of the map, you go under the floor and press the first button, but you must hurry as acid will rise quickly after you press the button. After you press the first button, you go into the building fitted with Russian flags.

On the second room, there are the traditional Soviet Hammer and sickle displayed on the walls. After that, you have to go quickly as the lava will rise after the music drops.

The 3rd room is styled after a Soviet courtroom, displaying the Hammer and sickle yet again, with the Russian flag on its side, but the 2nd open section is accessed by going into a ventilation shaft then out into an outdoor section dedicated to the actions in the Arctic.

The last room is the easiest room in the map, just wall jumps and platforming, and once you beat the map, you will be greeted by 2 Soviet Cossacks saluting.


  • The soundtrack of the map is actually the anthem of the Soviet Union.
  • This map gained a lot of attention once the map was released to the public entirely, because of the communist theme and the song.
  • This map is related to Russia, and it was inspired by the Soviet Union.
    • The Russian flag is referenced in the map.
  • This map uses a custom image.
  • The image of this map displays the names of Crazyblox, Lugia731, HenryDO9 and TheRealSuper with their names written in Russian Cyrillic symbols.
    • The same picture also mentions the Russian army as well.


This map contains symbols of Communism, which is banned in certain countries, including...

  • Some parts of Ukraine.
  • The entire country of Georgia.
  • Other post-Soviet states.
  • Some parts of Germany.

Walkthrough and OST


FE2 Red Ensemble by ProxyCyanide (Crazy)


National Anthem of the soviet union Red Army Choir

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