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The Shop and Inventory is a section of the menu where players can spend their currency to buy various items, and view your item inventory.

List of Categories

Here is the list of categories:

  • Auras are items that when equipped, give the player using them a trail.
  • Tanks are back accessories used as decoration. They do not provide extra air. Some also produce sounds, provide light, emit particles, or change colors. Or of course, OOFs
  • Emotes are player animations that can be triggered by pressing the “Emote” button.
  • Buddies are small NPCs (non-player characters) that will follow you around.
  • Skins are items that change the player's appearance. Some can play music during a round.
  • Gamepasses provide unique and useful perks to owners depending on the gamepass (must be bought with robux).
  • Currency is used to buy items in the shop (except Gamepasses). There are even options to gift currency to each person in a server.
  • Boost Intensity boosts the intensity by 0.5 for each stack (up to 5) (or if you buy the 2x boost every boost increases 1 intensity (up to 4)
  • Codes can be redeemed to receive free Coins, Gems, XP, or Items!
Store Items
Skins - ShopImage.png
Coins Space_BaaAmazingAbsPeaspodDuncanDunclubEvanBear1DurstAuricJamienYouniteChichineSimoon68YskoZarkonan_ZenheartLukeyBuildTypicalTypeScriptOnQuentyDefaultioPlaceRebuilderL_lyBOFDued1MasterOfTheElementsHolidayPwnerZomebodyWslyOzzypigTheAmazeManInceptionTimeZyleakNikilisSimbuilderPolyhexGusmanak
Gems AlexnewtronSeranokBerezaaClonetrooper1019RipullLilly_SCrazyblox (Skin)LolerisAsimo3089BadccStickmasterlukeMerelyNavolaBSlickMusicSWIFt
Special Guide (VIP)Crazyblox Mk 2BLOXYSpeedrunner
Coins Red FlamesRed SparklesBlue FlamesGreen FlamesYellow FlamesBlue SparklesGreen SparklesYellow SparklesBeesWinter SnowBlue GlowGreen GlowYellow GlowRed GlowBubblesBinary CodePoison MistOOFLightningMolten TrailFlood TrailAcid TrailElectricityDark VortexCoin AuraRainbow Trail
Gems SmokeyMistyGalacticMysterious CubesBright RaysCold RaysJarring SparksRainbow FireRainbow SparklesRainbow GlowBlack Hole (Blue)Black Hole (Orange)Dark Sci-VirusChaotic EnergyGem Aura
Special Crazyblox Pixels (VIP)Vaporwave TrailJack-o-Laughin*Eerie Skulls*Candy Corn*Flying Bats*
Coins Searching AheadBullet TimeAir SwimHeadspinStretchingRelaxMeditateDabBackflipPlay DeadFacepalmCheeseImpatient
Gems ApplaudT-PoseSmug Dance
Special HopLevitate (VIP)
Buddies - ShopImage.png
Coins Noob (Buddy)Sparky GuyGhostmanFlamerShadowFE1 GuideWorkerMini Crazy
Gems Rainbow Buddy
Special Crazyblox Logo (VIP)
Coins Rusted TankSteel TankEcosystem TankIndustrious TankWooden Barrel (CCI)Barrel TankToolboxWater TankDuck TankSickleNeon TankBigheadToasterCyberhiveRainbow Neon TankAncient AmberTime GearsGold BarsCamera
Gems Mini Crazyblox TankCoil TankLava TankAcid TankDiamond Gem TankEmerald Gem TankRuby Gem TankAmber Gem TankAmethyst Gem TankAmethyst TorchAmber TorchEmerald TorchRuby TorchSapphire TorchWarm LampStarRainbow Gem TankVaporwave TankOof TankLava SwordAcid SwordLinear GearMini MoonRainbow SwordGalaxy Sword
Special Flood Sword (VIP)Flood Boombox3rd Anniv. CakeGold TrophySilver TrophyBronze TrophyJack Pack*Jack Packed*Festive Tank*Angry Jack*Haunted Dustbuster*
VIPBoomboxAll Maps AccessX2 Intensity Boost
Timed Starterpack
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