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Sinking Ship is an Insane Map created by Crazyblox. It has a total of 5 Buttons (1 standard & 4 group). It is currently playable in Flood Escape 2.


The map takes place, as the name states, on a ship sinking. The ship is mostly made out of metal, with the occasional wooden and steel beams, pipes and trusses, most of which are used as platforming. At the start of the map, water can already be seen flooding the floor, which will soon turn into acid. Throughout the map, boxes can be seen placed either in a stack or a pile. After pressing the 2nd button and going through a vent, the player will be greeted with a tall room, with the deck up on the top. This massive section is the hardest part of the map, due to the small platforms and the fast rising flood below.

At the deck is more boxes and large shipping containers. By this point, the map will start to tilt, causing some boxes to slide down. The tilting can make balancing difficult for some players, especially on the thin pole. The exit is a helipad-like platform at the end of the deck.


  • The music for Sinking Ship is inspired by the theme of the movie Jaws.
  • Sinking Ship is one of few maps in the game to focus more on intricate and complicated platforming rather than button locations, as the map uses only 5 buttons, 3 of which are in the ending area.
    • However, Sinking Ship has the highest proportion of Group Buttons, with 4/5 (80%) of the buttons being Grouped.
  • After getting the 1st button, it takes some time before the door opens, this is to make the player who pressed the first button be able to catch up to the others and to increase the difficulty. By this point, the water will turn into acid.
  • Shortcuts can greatly increase you chances of survival in this map, as the map is very fast paced. One of the most noteworthy shortcuts was the Box-Ladder Shortcut, where you must stand on a specific box and jump backwards, then forwards unto a ladder. This was patched in the Agility Update, but you can still do a backjump on a platform in the same spot, but it's much harder to do.
  • Similarly to Lost Desert, Sinking Ship's flood syncs with the soundtrack. Once the music gets intense, the acid will rise. Once it reaches the bass drop, the acid will turn into lava, etc.
  • On May 3rd, 2018, Sinking Ship was revamped, which included the change of details and lighting,[1][2][3] and the addition of a camera-swaying effect to simulate the ship swaying.[4] You now need to swim to get to the second button. Some of the materials in the map used was changed, E.g. the vent after the second button is now concrete.
  • When the map tilts, the walls of middle section will become a slope, which the players can climb on.
    • Also, once the map tilts, the areas before the tower will be culled out to prevent lag and to save space in-game.
  • Sinking Ship is one of the two maps to lack a Exit Block. The other map is Marred Dreams.
  • It's also one of the four Insane Maps not to contain any wall jumps. The other maps are Familiar Ruins , Gloomy Manor and Lost Desert.
  • Once you have survived and there is extra time, go back to the tower section. You will notice a weird black liquid rising. The true nature of this is still unknown although some people theorize it is the ship's oil leaking out.
  • Before being patched, players can shift lock glitch out of the net beside the second button, until it was patched where the fence's width got expanded. Alternatively, once can glitch through the end of the fence by doing a flatwall clip.
    • This was until corner clipping was patched by Roblox across all games, rendering this glitch completely patched.
  • When you load in to Sinking Ship, go to the right side of the hall. You will notice a dead end but if you peek through it, you will see the meme, "You know I had to do it to 'em."
  • The YouTube video for Sinking Ship's Soundtrack garnered more than 1 million views as of April 6, 2022, making it the 2nd most popular video in Crazyblox's YouTube channel.
  • Sinking Ship was added during the alpha phases of FE2, when it was first added, it looked a bit different as seen here.
    • There is also a video way before this WIP version got released. It was posted to Twitter as a video[5], in the video, the ending didn't got added yet.
  • In the Agility Update, this map got buffed. You will now have to slide under the boards in the beginning to access the hallway and in several places in the tower part of the map. Because of the update, many shortcuts have been patched like the infamous box-ladder shortcut.
    • Also, the vent going from the 2nd room to the tall climbing room has gotten new textures and better lighting.
  • If a rescue mission is activated, the escapee will be located at the bottom of the long parkour section, where some boxes were added.
    • Reaching the escapee may be hard for many players especially to those who turned off High-Detail mode.


Walkthrough and OST

Sinking Ship OST
Duration Composer Roblox Library ID Audio
1:50 Manel Navola 814018338


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