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Sky Sanctuary is a community-made Normal Map made by Rareheaddress. It has a total of 4 Buttons (3 standard & 1 group) and is playable in Flood Escape 2, while its old version can still be played at FE2 Community Maps.


All parts of the maps are floating, with acid underneath. All of the land areas of the map are rocks with grass on top of it, similar to the legacy design. The islands are connected by blue bridges. This map also uses some boxes and few ladders. Towards the end, there is a rope bridge, where players have to jump across, landing on each thin board. This part often kills players as the acid has turned into lava by now if the player is slow.


  • This map is usually considered to be one of the harder maps that have been classified as Normal, because no matter what there is always at least acid underneath the players. At the end the rope bridge in which players need to be able to use short-jumps is also considered a bit hard for newer players.
  • It was possible to complete this map without pressing buttons, however this has been patched in an update.
  • This map used to have a unique glitch where you can press buttons without previous buttons being pressed. This could result in a <35-second completion of this map, the shortest of all of maps by skipping the first gate without pressing the first button. Just go to the edge of it and jump to the other side. This has been patched. However, a mobile player named CoolTeen claims the shortcut before the first gate is still possible.
  • The gate after the 1st button is identical to the gate in Snowy Peaks, apart from the color of it.
  • This map shares the same ID with Decrepit Seas, Snowy Peaks, Wild Savannah, |Gloomy Manor, Lost Desert and Omitted Temple in FE2 Community Maps.
  • This map has the same name as a stage in Sonic & Knuckles.
  • You can see the edges of the Acid without glitches or shift lock, unlike the rest of the maps.
  • When you press the 2nd button, the bridge leading to the 3rd button will collapse. This could end up in players being flung to places where they're not supposed to be.
    • However, this has been patched as unanchored platforms become CanColide = False in an update.
  • If the map's OST is synced with Wild Savannah, this is the outcome.
  • If a rescue mission is activated on this map, the escapee will be located below the starting platform.
  • During a Lost Page Map Event, the Lost Page will be found below the last button.

Walkthrough and OST

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