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Starterpack is a limited Gamepass that was able to be bought by players for 250 Robux. When purchased, the player receives the Vaporwave Trail, along with 600 Coins, 300 Gems, and 6000 XP.


The Starterpack was released on November 11, 2019. Because this is a developer product, it has no likes or dislikes. The Starterpack is offered to players within 7 days since the first time they started playing Flood Escape 2. The Starterpack image is the same retro-sun that is used in the Vaporwave Trail.


  • This is the second gamepass you are able to purchase, first gamepass was the VIP gamepass.
    • This is technically a Developer Product, since it's only buyable in-game and gamepasses are always available to buy in the game's store page.
  • Once the offer expires, it is no longer buyable, meaning the Vaporwave Trail aura is very rare to find with players wearing it in-game. However on July 19, 2021, players will be given another 7 days to be able to buy the product. This serves as a second chance for players who hadn't bought it yet before.


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Limited Starterpack
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