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Straight Run is a Crazy map created by JasonXPGamerTEM2 & damaings. It has 592 Buttons and can be played in FE2 Map Test. There is a Straight Run 2 map that has 625 buttons by damaings. It is currently the map with the most buttons.


The map looks like a Map Making Kit revamp, with an ‘army of buttons’ and small spaces. There is little design in the map. There are over 395 buttons and if the player doesn't press them fast enough, they will die when the time runs out.


  • The map has nearly 6 times as many buttons as Button Chaos.
  • This map may cause to not teleport to the map due to massive buttons.
  • Despite being a crazy map it is very easy in first person mode.

Walkthrough and OST


FE2 - Straight Run Update 355 Buttons! Timed Crazy


FE2 Map Test - Straight Run

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