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Tanks are accessories that spice up a player’s appearance, which can be purchased with in-game currency such as Coins and Gems.

Depending on what you buy, some tanks can create random sounds, or change colors, or glow.

Some tanks, like the sword tanks, can be useful because they can produce light, which helps in dark places.

Note: Remind that tanks are aesthetic, they do not increase your in-game air. They are only used for decoration and have no connection with air bubbles, which give you +300 air.

List of Tanks

Name Description Cost Image
Rusted Tank It's starting to show its age, but still some viable kit 10 Coins
Steel Tank A more defined piece of kit! 25 Coins
Ecosystem Tank Probably can't hold water, but sends a good message 25 Coins
Industrious Tank Designed to take a direct impact 50 Coins
Wooden Barrel N/A 75 Coins
Barrel Tank.png
Barrel Tank Not designed for comfort 100 Coins
Toolbox N/A 150 Coins
171 Tank Toolbox.png
Water Tank This would be more useful if it had air, not water 200 Coins
Duck Tank Teh Epik DuCk is CoMinG!!1 200 Coins
Sickle N/A 200 Coins
Neon Tank Makes a nice glow, helpful for when in the dark 250 Coins
Bighead N/A 300 Coins
Toaster N/A 300 Coins
166 Tank Toaster.png
Camera N/A 400 Coins
168 Tank Camera.png
Cyberhive N/A 500 Coins
Rainbow Neon Tank Now this is the real deal 600 Coins
Ancient Amber N/A 800 Coins
Time Gears N/A 1,000 Coins
Time Gears.png
Gold Bars N/A 1,500 Coins
Gold Bars.png
Coin Trophy N/A 75,000 Coins
Mini Crazyblox Tank I really hate being stuck in this tank D: 25 Gems
Coil Tank This tank seems tangled with an artifact 50 Gems
Lava Tank Say goodbye to your lungs with molten rock 100 Gems
Acid Tank Somebody report the guy who designed this 100 Gems
Diamond Gem Tank One of the most valuable tanks around 100 Gems
Emerald Gem Tank One of the most valuable tanks around 100 Gems
Ruby Gem Tank One of the most valuable tanks around 100 Gems
00d97f4cda32c53661c284db5c93cd91 (1).png
Amber Gem Tank One of the most valuable tanks around 100 Gems
Amethyst Gem Tank One of the most valuable tanks around 100 Gems
Amethyst Torch N/A 150 Gems
Amythest Torch.png
Amber Torch N/A 150 Gems
Amber Torch.png
Emerald Torch N/A 150 Gems
Emerald Torch.png
Ruby Torch N/A 150 Gems
Ruby Torch.png
Sapphire Torch N/A 150 Gems
Sapphire Torch.png
Warm Lamp N/A 250 Gems
Star N/A 300 Gems
165 Tank Star.png
Rainbow Gem Tank THE most valuable tank around 600 Gems
16 Tank RainbowGem 2.png
Vaporwave Tank A E S T H E T I C 600 Gems
Oof Tank Randomly makes a Death Sound 600 Gems
Lava Sword N/A 600 Gems
Lava Sword.png
Acid Sword N/A 600 Gems
Tank-Acid Sword.png
Linear Gear N/A 600 Gems
Linear Gears.png
Mini Moon N/A 800 Gems
Mini Moon.png
Frozen Crazy N/A 800 Gems
Rainbow Sword N/A 3,000 Gems
143 Tank RainbowSword.png
Galaxy Sword N/A 3,000 Gems
167 Tank GalaxySword.png
Gem Trophy N/A 75,000 Gems

Exclusive Tanks

Name Description Cost Image
Flood Sword (VIP) A relic found from the Familiar Ruins! Owning the VIP Gamepass
White Gift Box N/A 300 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Gold Gift Box N/A 300 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Blue Gift Box N/A 300 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Red Gift Box N/A 300 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Pink Gift Box N/A 300 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Festive Tank Celebrate Christmas Cheer with this Festive Tank! 350 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Northern Pole N/A 350 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Jack Pack N/A 350 Coins (Only during the Halloween season)
Wreath N/A 400 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Green Bulb N/A 400 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Jack Packed N/A 600 Coins (Only during the Halloween season)
Snow Globe N/A 600 Coins (Only during the Christmas season)
Candy Heart N/A 200 Gems (Only during the Christmas season)
Red Bulb N/A 300 Gems (Only during the Christmas season)
Angry Jack N/A 350 Gems (Only during the Halloween season)
Festive Tree N/A 400 Gems (Only during the Christmas season)
Snow Launcher N/A 1,000 Gems (Only during the Christmas season)
Haunted Dustbuster N/A 1,000 Gems (Only during the Halloween season)
Flood Boombox N/A Owning the Boombox Gamepass
Flood Boombox.png

3rd Anniv. Cake

N/A Redeeming the code "happybirthdayfloodescape2" (Expired)
3rd Anniv. Cake.png
Gold Trophy For getting 1st place on the Monthly XP Leaderboard! Being first on the leaderboard
Silver Trophy For getting 2nd place on the Monthly XP Leaderboard! Being second on the leaderboard
Bronze Trophy For getting 3rd place on the Monthly XP Leaderboard! Being third on the leaderboard


  • Torch tanks was posted on the Crazyblox Games Forum by BloxPixel on October 16, 2019.
  • Barrel Tank and Wooden Barrel used to be sharing the same names.
  • The Galaxy Sword is a tank posted on the Crazyblox Games Forum by 1xBlindx1 on April 10, 2021.
  • The Mini Crazyblox Tank used to cost 1 Gem, but because of this, the Crazy Tank would loop kill the player.
  • The Duck Tank is thought to have originally been created for Roblox user Bby_Noodle, previously known as WayTooLazy. At the time of its addition, Bby_Noodle was producing art of the game and posting it to their twitter, some of which was even used in the game's image carousel at one point. Works can also be seen at the Fan Art panel in the lobby room. Their typical avatar sports a duck sitting atop their hair.
    • The Duck Tank is also a reference to the "TEH EPIK DUCK IS COMING!!" which is a running gag between the Roblox community. The Epic Duck is trapped in the tank, with transparent black in.
  • The Festive Tank resembles a Christmas tree. The grass material are pine tree leaves, the neon part are Christmas lights, and the yellow top resembles the gold star on top of a Christmas tree.
  • The Camera is the first and only tank (as of 5/17/2021) to be on the front of the player rather then the back.
  • Most Youtubers have the gem tanks.
  • The Gold, Silver, and Bronze Trophy Tanks are the only rewards from the Leaderboard. [as of 1/15/2022]
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