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Trolling (commonly called Stalling/Safe Spots) is any sort of action done to annoy or make fun of other players. Trolling can be found in the game in many different ways. Some trolling spots are listed below.


Note: Not all trolls in the game is listed here.

Reminder: We do not promote trolling

Famous trolls:

Map Name Difficulty Locations
Axiom Easy Glitching through the walls of the last part in the and climbing on the dome so the water will not drown you
Castle Tides Easy Staying near the 2nd button
Decrepit Seas Normal Standing at the spawn
Infiltration Normal Standing above the doorway in the 5th button's room
Flood Island Normal Standing on the very edge of the helipad

Using the Headspin emote near the helipad

Cave System Normal Staying near the first and second doorway
Sunken Citadel Hard Climbing the corals in first room
Dark Sci-Forest Hard Standing on top of the exit
Gloomy Manor Insane Standing on top of the arrow next to the 2nd button

Standing in the 6th button's room

Sinking Ship Insane Going on top of the roof in the deck

Standing at the very edge of the End Zone

Dark Sci-Facility Insane Going up the trusses in the spawn room
Beneath The Ruins Insane Standing in the corner of the second platform in the third room
Poisonous Chasm Crazy Standing on a grey platform on an invisible roof on top of the box with the final button on it

Trolls that are fixed and not working today:

  • Climbing the truss right after you spawn at Familiar Ruins. (Today, it is not working due to can-collide false activation.)
  • Doing No Buttons Challenge by finishing the map without pressing buttons. (Now it is impossible due to disabling the end zone unless you press all of it.)
  • Climbing the trusses in the first room to breathe in the air gap in Abandoned Facility. (Currently not working because of full occupation of water in the first room, occupying the air gap.)
  • Standing beside the right turret in the first room and swimming out to go outside the map Castle Tides. (Now, there is an invisible ceiling.)
  • Glitching through the end zone in Autumn Hideaway. (This map was removed.)
  • Using the invisible arrow to get up in Autumn Hideaway before all the buttons are pressed. (This map was removed.)


  • If you troll in a map, the game will kill you due to exceeding maximum time.
  • Your trolling action does not count as a survival. You must go to the exit to count as a survival.
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