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UnderSci is a map based on Crazyblox's discontinued map, No Light (also known as Dark Science). It was made and finished in just two weeks. It was originally preceded by Crazyblox's map, Dark Sci-Facility, but in a post by Enszo said that it is now canon in his timeline, and then was preceded by The Other Facility, now known as Altered Path which is an upcoming map for a FE2 CM fan-made game known as TRIA.os, and this map was succeeded by Hardware, another upcoming map for the same FE2 CM fan-game. Alongside that, in the timeline expansion, it is gonna be renamed soon.


The map starts with a fall from the ending of Altered Path (formerly Dark Sci-Facility). The second room involves sky diving (slow falling). There are also several mazes and tunnels, and thin jumps and trusses.

The map has a Dark Sci-Facility theme to it, with the same lava texture and techno wall textures. The map also contains rainbow looking glass parts that make the map seem more colorful.


  • No Light (AKA Dark Science), the inspiration of this map, is supposed to be the first Crazy Map made by Crazyblox.
  • This map was originally named NoLight, but has been renamed to differentiate it from other recreations and from Crazyblox's version.
  • This map continues from the end of the Insane in game map Dark Sci-Facility.
  • This map broke when Crazyblox updated FE2 Community Maps on 04/04/2021. However, a map maker named Aranha_BloxF0D4 fixed it. Although in 07/12/2021, external scripts can be enabled optionally which when permanently enabled, UnderSci is fixed.
  • This map is going to be included in Enszo's Timeline in an alternate timeline of Flashbacks.
    • This also means UnderSci will be playable on TRIA.os.
      • However, that idea got cancelled.
  • This map is the first creation of hammEr, a development group made in late 2019 by Enszo.
  • This is not converted on TRIA.os yet, but it has a wip page here

Walkthrough and OST

ROBLOX_FE2_map_test_UnderSci_by_me,_Grande_Tony,_Ethan76167,_&_iiExoticSlayer FE2_Map_Test_MUSIC_NoLight_Undersci

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