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Unnamed Underwater Map was a map made by Crazyblox. The only things that proves this map's existence is 1 screenshot and 8 Videos. In Crazyblox's Twitch Q&A, Cam0Dev asked the statuses of both this map and Purple Sector, to which Crazyblox replied saying that they were both cancelled.

The reason why Unnamed Underwater Map is cancelled is because of Flood Escape 2's old physics flinging the player around.


In the Twitch videos, the map had a brown-ish color scheme and took place in an underwater ruins, with cobblestone pillars and walls. The rest is unknown.


It is theorized that the gameplay is most likely similar to Abandoned Facility and Test Map.

Found Videos


  • There is currently 1 screenshot, & 8 videos of this map's existence
  • This is one of the most obscure, discontinued maps to ever exist, even the map's real name and difficulty is unknown. Unnamed Halloween Map and Unnamed Cave Map are both unknown as the Halloween map had only 1 screenshot and the Cave map's difficulty is unknown.
  • Underwater Ruins is a fan given name as the map's real name is unknown
  • Cam0Dev, a well known map maker, decided to recreated this map, along with Humble Jungle, & Purple Sector. They both share the same ID.
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