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temporarily resuming wiki editing because the site needs some repair.

i am a terrain designer, composer, 3D modeller, builder, programmer, and pianist.

Click 'Show' on the top right of this section to see my old profile - it's outdated by about 2 years. I have mostly moved on from this wiki to take up Roblox development and prepare for college. I'm still very active on the Discord - if you ask me a question there I will respond very quickly. Feel free to message me here, but a reply could take up to 2 weeks.

I apologize for the 6+ months of inactivity, I will try to continue helping here. Almost anything below is outdated, so leave a message if you have a question regarding the following Q&As.

Perhaps in the future, this userpage will look relatively good... I don't really know.

Quick Introduction

Hello, I am YoIobeans (Roblox username FroggerDev). I am the current owner and sole founder/bureaucrat of this wiki, and would appreciate help in improving content and the community, as this wiki was severely vandalized. Please leave a message on my wall if you need to contact me.

Need to Use Templates?

If you have any questions about Headings, Infoboxes, Navs, etc. All were made by me. Some parts were inspired by other users across the Roblox Wikia community though. You are free to use Navs as you like, but please let me know if you are using a heading.


I am normally on this wiki for a few hours a day. As I have school, I only get on here to check notifications in the middle of the day. You can pm me on Roblox, or message me here.


If you would like to request promotion, appeal a ban, or ask a general question, please use the "Help" section in your navigation bar (below the part that says Flood Escape 2 Wiki. The part with "Explore" next to it). The two pages listed there have links to a Google Form made for these questions.

For questions about coding, formatting of this wiki, how things work here, or anything else, please leave a message on my wall. I will attempt to answer it, and if I can't, then I will link you to a place where you can get an answer.

My Requests

This wiki was severely vandalized at a point in time, and parts are still a bit off. If you see something wrong, inappropriate, or otherwise incorrect, please let me know.

Finally, please constructively edit! This wiki still needs much work. Thanks!

My Account

About Me

I have been on Roblox for two years, but only about one on this account. If you are wondering about my name "Yolobeans", it was originally an inside joke between me and my sister. She would refute that now though. I then used it as a username for my N-Game account about three or four years ago. I've used it ever since.

If you care at all to know facts about me, here are some: I have played the piano for seven years, and thoroughly enjoy it. I also love frogs, and I love learning. If you need a random fact (or have one for me) I would love to tell/hear. I also like oldies music, in particular, Billy Joel. The song you are hearing as you are reading this is his Root Beer Rag piano song.

I am still learning coding and scripting. I am the best at CSS, okay with HTML, and need some work in JavaScript and Roblox Lua.

'Today is Thursday, 28 May, 2020'
I think this might be incorrect...

Headings I've Made

Please know that this will be added to. :3

This is a test heading partly inspired by ThatTVThough. I know it's pretty ugly.

This item is a limited item! Buy it now while you can!

Example text

Example Text

An Easy Nav for My Use
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