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VIP is a Flood Escape 2 gamepass that can be bought by players for 1,200 Robux. The VIP gamepass was released on April 6, 2018. As of July 18, 2021, It has been liked 1,286 times and disliked 85 times.


If the player purchases this gamepass, the player receives the Levitate emote, a Flood Sword tank, the FE1 Guide skin, the Crazyblox Pixels aura, and the Crazyblox Logo buddy. Additionally, VIP owners can earn gems at a rate of 1 per 100XP (capped at 200 gems per day, limit resets at 00:00 UTC).


  • This is the first gamepass you were able to purchase and was the only gamepass before the June 1, 2020 update, this was when the Boombox gamepass was released.
  • The Crazyblox Logo buddy wasn't part of the gamepass until November 11, 2019, which is also the same day the Starterpack was released.
  • Many players think that the VIP gamepass is too expensive, but others find it worth the high price due to the ability to obtain gems by gaining XP.
  • There used to be a glitch where when the user bought the gamepass they would not get the skin, tank, emote, aura, and/or buddy.
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