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Wall Jumps is a mechanic used in some Flood Escape 2 maps. Wall jumps are present in many maps like Dark Sci-Facility, Wild Savannah, Beneath The Ruins and Blue Moon.

How to use the Wall Jump

To stick to a wall jump, you must jump onto it while facing it. To jump off, jump again. Sticking to a Wall Jump for 1 second will make you fall. You can face to any direction when stuck to a wall jump if using the Shift Lock or first person view. When wall jumping between two walls, it is advisable to turn around quickly in Shift Lock or first person so that you stick onto the next wall. If you are in neither of these states, your avatar will automatically reverse, which allows you to climb wall jump sequences quickly by simply spamming the jump button. You must practice how to wall jump as quickly as possibly as some fast-paced maps like Dark Sci-Facility or Blue Moon have strict timing.


Map Name Difficulty Locations
Lava Tower Hard Near the end
Graveyard Cliffside Hard On the route after pressing the 1st button.
Wild Savannah Hard Right before the 3rd button.

Right before the 5th button.

Sedimentary Temple Hard On the route to the 3rd button.

In front of the 6th button.

On the route to the 8th button

On the route to the exit.

Sunken Citadel Hard After the 6th button.

Near the 7th button.

Relic Valley Hard Beside the 1st button.

Near the 6th button.

Abandoned Facility Insane In the final room.
Dark Sci-Facility Insane At the spawn.

In the 3rd button's room.

Beneath The Ruins Insane In the second room, right after entering the vent while the lava is lowered..
Magmatic Mines Insane In the 1st button room.
Fallen Insane On the route to the 1st button.

Right after the end of the 1st zipline.

Right after the 1st sliding section.

Right next to the 5th button.

Blue Moon Crazy In the 6th button room.
Poisonous Chasm Crazy After the 2nd button.

Near the 6th button.


  • Wall Jumps used to be silent, but ever since the Beneath The Ruins update, they now have a sticking sound effect.
  • The 1st time Wall Jumps could be used was actually in the Lobby. This was most likely done for testing.
  • Due to the fact that the Wall Jump affects player walk speed, this cancels the speed glitch.
  • Wall Jumps' arrow texture is exclusive. It won't work with other textures.
  • Wall Jumps do not appear in any Easy or Normal maps.
  • Crystal Caverns , Snowy Peaks , Dark Sci Forest and Poisonous Forest are the only Hard Maps not to contain any wall jumps.
  • Familiar Ruins , Lost Desert , Sinking Ship and Gloomy Manor are the only Insane Maps not to contain any wall jumps.
  • All Wall Jumps in the game are animated to have the texture arrows moving upward.
  • After being revamped, Fallen now utilizes wall jumps, four in total. This makes Fallen and Sedimentary Temple the two maps with the most wall jumps in the game.
  • Both Blue Moon and Poisonous Chasm utilize a "horizontal walljump", where the player must jump from both walljumps while going forwards, instead of usually going upwards.
    • This trend is very common in FE2 Community Maps, especially in Crazy Maps.
  • Players used to die at the wall jumps because of the newly implemented anti-cheat. Because of this, Crazyblox keeps on making sure that the wall-jump won't be affected by it.
  • In the Agility Update. The texture was updated.
    • In the 3/25/2021 update, the wall jump texture has been tweaked. It now combines the old and new textures.
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