The text that appears when you Level Up.

XP (Aka EXP) stands for 'Experience Points'. It is exactly as it sounds; you gain 'XP/EXP' from doing certain tasks. XP is used to level up and get onto the Leaderboards if collected enough.

Here is what you can do for XP/EXP and how much you get.

Requirement XP Gain Other Attributes
Press a Button 10 XP 10 XP Per Button
Almost Drown 10 XP Finish a map after reaching very low air. (≤8%)
Survive a map solo 40 XP N/A
Be the 1st to Survive 20 XP Cannot be earned in a solo.
Survive an Easy Map 50 XP N/A
Survive a Normal Map 75 XP N/A
Survive a Hard Map 125 XP N/A
Survive an Insane Map 200 XP The player will earn badges upon first completion.
Enter a Code that gives XP *Number* XP Depends on the Code, with the amount of XP


  • For every time you level up, you gain 5 Gems.
    • If you have VIP, you can gain gems from in-game tasks (seen above).