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Ziplining is a mechanic introduced to Flood Escape 2 in the Agility Update on March 2021, along with Sliding. It contains a beginning and an end (shown with a green orb and a red light respectively). Currently, there are 13 maps that have a zipline.


Ziplines are currently found in several maps :

Zipline Locations (Hard)
Map Start Location End Location
Crystal Caverns Where the 2nd button originally was. On the parallel side of the old 2nd button (the new 2nd button is located there on a platform).
Snowy Peaks On a platform near the 2nd button. On a platform near the 3rd button.
Dark Sci-Forest On a box stack near the 5th button. At the platform where the 6th button is.
Graveyard Cliffside On a platform that starts the route to the 4th button. On the cliffside with the 6th button. (Also known as the cliffside with the Rescue Mission)
Wild Savannah At the cliff at the spawn. On one of the bottom platforms in the first area.
Sedimentary Temple Next to the 4th button. Across the cliff and on to the platform near the door to the 5th button's room.
Relic Valley At a cliff on the path after the 1st button.

Ahead of the entrance to the final area.

In front of the entrance to the 3rd button's room.

Near the 7th button.

Poisonous Forest The door after the 6th button. In front of the 7th button.
Zipline Locations (Insane)
Map Start Location End Location
Abandoned Facility At the last room on the way to the final button, where the thin plank used to be. Just the same as the beginning location, but higher.
Familiar Ruins At the last area, on the platform before the last button. On the ruined FE1 spawn point.
Lost Desert At where the truss originally was that leads to the 1st button. On the wall near the 1st button.
Gloomy Manor At the cliffside where you exit the manor in the last area. At a cliffside close to some of the original platforms.
Fallen Near the 1st button.

Near the fourth button.

On top of the spire after the 9th button.

Next to 2nd wall jump.

On a platform close-by to the bridge.

The next spire, near the 10th button.


  • When this mechanic was first implemented, some people complained about ziplines being annoying, as the anti-cheat affects it. In the Phase 2 of the Agility Update, Crazyblox made sure that zipline will not be affected by the anti-cheat.
  • Easy, Normal, and Crazy maps do not have any ziplines.
  • Lava Tower and Sunken Citadel are the only Hard Maps to not have any ziplines.
  • Sinking Ship, Dark Sci-Facility, Beneath The Ruins, and Magmatic Mines are the only Insane Maps to not have any ziplines.
  • Fallen has longest ziplines in the game, riding them roughly takes about 5-6 seconds.
    • Fallen also has the most ziplines in the game, 3.
  • When your avatar is riding a zipline, it will emit some gold sparkles.
  • You can still zipline even while submerged.
  • In the July 9th, 2021 update, if the Camera FX is enabled, the camera will be locked on the zipline while riding it.


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